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Where education, information, communication


entertainment meet !


The founder members bring to the fore diversified experiences and competencies in the following sectors:

*Team building sessions and communication skills sessions.

* Video production of a wide spectrum from presentation skills to theft in the workplace etc.

* Drama-in-education sessions with built-in workshops on anything from transformation issues (gender, sexual harassment, service delivery etc.) to operational issues. We even do minute-taking courses for secretaries and PA’s

* Dramas and info-tainment sessions for commemorative and celebratory days like Human Rights Day, Workers Day, Women’s Day, Youth Day, and International Aids Day etc.

* Pure entertainment for functions

* Youth programmes focusing on social diseases such as drug abuse, racism, teenage pregnancies etc.


Fahmy Galant, Doping Control Manager, SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport

“Ganarama has been contracted by the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport since 2008 to assist us with our educational campaigns aimed at the youth. We contracted Ganarama since they were able to deliver a product which was different from the norm and targeted to the specific markets that we prioritised i.e youths aged 15-18. Rafiek and Gary are focused individuals who like their clients to be happy with their work. Timeousness, delivery and regular feedback are primary characteristics that we look for when recruiting suppliers. To this end Ganarama has been excellent. We have extended this relationship with Ganarama by recruiting them to do a staff development programme with our organisation.”

Craig Smit, Marketing Manager, Son / Media24

“As a newspaper publication we communicate with the media and advertising industry in order to secure advertising revenue for our title. The industry have basically been exposed to every imaginable format of presentation and communication from media owners over the years, and can be a difficult audience to please. Last year we used Ganarama to deliver our message and the presentation was exceptional. Feedback from those that attended was overwhelmingly positive, some saying that it was the best that they had ever seen. It certainly has had a positive impact on our revenue and we will continue to use Ganarama. These guys are really talented, as well as professional, and have been an absolute pleasure to work with”