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Clint Readhead – SA Rugby Union

“I had the pleasure of working with Rafiek and Gary (Ganarama) late last year and then early again this year in the conceptualisation, production and delivery of an education programme which targeted professional rugby players in South Africa.  

The programme focused on the dangers of social drugs in a professional sporting environment. The just of the show concerned decisions a person (sportsman) makes especially when they are in the public space. These decisions can have huge moral and ethical lessons/implications for a younger admiring generation as well as the image of the game of rugby as a whole.Rafiek and Gary rose to the challenge and developed a programme that delivered the message to a tough audience (professional rugby players). Their ability to get to grips with what the client wants ensured that the show was informative, did not make light of a serious topic (but kept it humorous and enjoyable) and left an impression on the audience – all this within a 30-minute production. I always looked forward to our meetings and the shows as there was never a dull moment to be had. They are two very professional people that have a solution for any problem or situation”